amnesiacwaitress inquired: she smiled and nodded her head "hai.. of course silly".



⊰☽⊱ —— :      Ukyo smiled and blushed before her words. He was always so nervouse in front of her in fear of doing something she didn’t like. However, as his lips proved the small and wonderful cookie that Lin preparated for him, the canine savored its flavor. "Delicious, I told you!" Hugging her tightly, he didn’t let her go. "Arigato, Lin."


⊰☽⊱ —— :          Leaving the camera behind, his eyes ascended, meeting the night sky and the endless little points that were dedicated. The magic of all of them were singular, and he knew that Lin liked to see them. "A wish?" Ukyo inquired now falling on her once again. She was with both eyes closed, and her wish was whispered. This creature didn’t know what it could be, but he wanted it to become true. If she was happy, then he was too.


          He closed his eyes and felt the blue light of the Diamond above his entire persona, making feel relaxed as whenever he was with the Heroine. The smile was on his features, not hiding how happy he was in that moment. The last time she made a wish, was to save her… And now… “I wish Lin can be happy… Forever… And if I can be within her life to reach it, I would be the man with more luck in the world…” He was not afraid to share his emotions, and more if she was present. The photographer just wanted it to become true.

The Female looked over at the emerald haired male, she soon saw him bowing his head and closing his eyes, though as she was about to turn around and pretend not to notice he soon said the words , that he wished for her happiness and also his. Slowly she walked over and looked at him “Ne.. Ukyo.. you don’t have to wish that.. its already come true.. my shining star is you.. your my”. the female paused for a sec, turning a bit red, “your my soul mate.. and lover .. well as people would say.. so your wish already came true”.  

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Anonymous inquired: Hi. I’m not sure if you realize it, but you are using the incorrect name for the Heart no Kuni no Alice heroine. You are calling her Alice Lindell when her name is Alice Liddell. I don’t know if this makes a difference to you, but her name in Japanese is アリス・リデル, but if her name was Alice Lindell it would be アリス・リンデル. The HnKnA wikis can verify this for you, but I just thought I’d drop you a friendly message to let you know. I hope you have a good day.

her Url is meant like that because the correct spelling is taken so thats the closet to what I wanted for a URL 

and if its in the blog it just because I haven’t changed it yet, thank you anon for the tip though. ( ^^)